Examples Of Stereotypes In Orange Is The New Black

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Popular shows like Modern Family, Glee, and Orange is the New Black, are perfect examples of how Latinas are portrayed. In Modern Family Sofia Vergara plays the trophy wife and mother. In this show Sofia has an extremely thick accent, a strong temper, she manipulates people to get her way and she always looks exceptional. In Glee Santana Lopez played by Naya Rivera is a Latin girl who grew up in a bad neighborhood and a bad home. She is mean and manipulate and she sleeps around with several different people. In Orange is the New Black there is are several different race groups but the Hispanic one completely fits the stereotype. All of them come from awful backgrounds, most of they are manipulative, loud, and disruptive. A lot have thick accents …show more content…

This is not only outrageously stereotypical but it hurts Latinas who do not fit the typical Latin look whatsoever. Latina women come in so many different shape, sizes, race and colors. That the women representing all of the Latin women in media is not even close to credible. From Gina Torres and Demi Lovato to Zoe Saldana, Selena Gomez and Camron Diaz, Latinas come in such a large range. Actually, Penelope Cruz, who has often been cast as Latina, is from Spain. Because of having the Latin look Penelope Cruz has been cast in many roles. Latinas are usually a mix of either usually Spanish, African and indigenous blood and they sometimes have all three. The Dominican actress Gina Torres, has never played a Latina on screen, and she has been quoted saying, “When I became an actress I quickly realized that the world liked their Latinos to look Italian. Not like me. So I wasn’t going up for Latina parts. I was going up for African American parts.” Not having anyone to look up to in the media and inadequate portrayal destroys the confidence of Black

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