Examples Of The Four Pillars Of National Honor Society

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I believe that I manifest the four pillars that the National Honor Society values. I display scholarship by working hard to achieve good grades in all high school and college courses I am enrolled in. I believe it’s important to raise my own standards in the classroom and I understand that my high school education directly affects not only college, but every day after my education. I demonstrate leadership by having confidence in myself to be a good leader for others. Within school I show leadership in areas such as Yearbook, where I am the editor, in the classroom for group projects, and in sports. I exhibit service by lending a helping hand in and outside of school. In school I participate in Silver Cord, I help my fellow peers with homework questions or problems, and I try to help teachers or staff whenever they may need it. Outside of school, I assist softball coaches and give tips and feedback to their pitchers and players. I work one on one with girls from third to fifth grade to help them become better pitchers and athletes. Personally, I value character and believe that it’s one of the most important traits a person can possess. I have been taught from a …show more content…

I believe I embody the pillars in which the National Honor Society were founded on. I show each trait in many ways and throughout my many activities. Secondly, I believe that with my activities in and outside of school, I have a lot to offer to the National Honor Society. Within school, I am activities such as Yearbook, Food and Fitness, HEROES, Silver Cord, volleyball, softball, and track. In these activities I learn important traits such as respect, work ethic, and communication. Not only do my activities help keep me busy, but they also help develop my character and myself into a better student and teammate. Outside of school I am participate in softball leagues and I coach younger pitchers to help them

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