Examples Of Unintentional Violence In Of Mice And Men

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Intentional and unintentional violence might be mistaken for one another. Intentional violence is when someone is hurt purposely, on the inside and out. Unintentional violence is when someone is hurt accidentally, on the inside and out. John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice And Men displays acts of the two different types of violence. Both intentional and unintentional violence impacted the characters in the novel. To begin, Lennie showed many acts of unintentional violence. From the beginning to the end of the story, Lennie hadn’t realized how strong he was. His unwitting behavior to kill the mice and puppies was caused by his intrusive thoughts. In fact, Lennie’s mental disability causes him to react differently. “Though innocent and not violent …show more content…

I know this because Lennie’s character shows sympathy for the mice and puppies after unwillingly killing them. “But society’s inability to accept him, as illustrated by his friend’s fear that Lennie will be murdered for his accidental crime, demonstrates a refusal of this world to adapt itself to people of varying natures” ( 272). The author shows how Lennie’s conditions aren’t his fault but the characters who push him to act violently. An example of how Lennie is provoked by characters is when George told Lennie to fight back during the fight with Curley that showed how much potential he has over people. The author shows an example of this “Steinbeck’s portrayal of Lennie’s handicap is therefore completely sympathetic; the other characters have only themselves to blame for provoking Lennie, who is merely a child in a world of selfish adults”(240). Throughout the novella it is constantly foreshadowed about death from the mice, puppies, and Curley’s Wife’s death which is an example of how Lennie is dangerous to many unaware of his strength. Curley’s Wife’s death made Lennie a target to Curley whose intentions were

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