Execution Essay: The Mexican War

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Murder fever wandering around Texas? Are Mexicans still hurt and devastated? Do Americans even honor this day? In 1846, there was some dispute about the Mexican American border. Mexico felt that the officially fair border was along the Nueces River. Americans had a different thought. Americans felt as if the correct and appropriate border was along the Rio Grande RIver. On April 25th, 1846 approximately 70 soldiers by a much larger Mexican force, this incident occurred in the disputed area. Reporters suggest that 16 Americans were allegedly killed by the larger Mexican army force, yet the number of Mexicans is still unknown to this day. If the Americans won by devastating many Mexicans than why won't they do the least by remembering this day. Which also sets the question, did the Americans have reason to go to war with mexico? I believe that the American’s did not have reason to go to war with mexico. First, because the U.S. invaded our supposed territory. The next reason is because the U.S. were basically daring the Mexican’s to go to war with the U.S. Lastly, because special effort was made for farmers to enter the Mexican territory. For those reasons…show more content…
had no reason in going into war with Mexico because, the U.S. invaded Mexico’s supposed territory. Mexico might as well just charge the U.S. citizens with disgraceful robbery. The work of rebellion sped drastically. Newspapers spud the list of territorial robbery, seeing that the U.S. had already been doing it, everyone else wanted to do the same(Doc C)(Doc D). Not only were the American's trespassing mexican soil, but they were crossing onto the undisputed territory in which mexico felt that the mexican’s rightfully deserved. What were Mexican’s supposed to think that it was ok to try and cross over and take land that was the Mexicans to begin with. As you can see, the trespassing of the Americans onto the Mexican’s land and onto the undisputed land made American’s unjustified in going into war with
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