Executive Summary For Costco

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Executive Summary

Costco is a private company in australia and the customers have to have a membership to shop in any of the store all across the world with over 700 stores

About Costco

Costco is a whole sale corporate that started in Seattle and come over from America as they have saturated the market over there. They have now got 9 stores in Australia and has 2 upcoming stores to be opened in the soon future. The founders of Costco are James Sinegal and Jeffery H Brotman

Costco’ Business Structure

Size & Location

After opening their first store in 2009 with in 9 years the 8 more stores have opened in NSW, QLD, ACT, SA, VIC in Australia and the sales is over $1 billion per annum. The average of each store is 13285.1 square meters

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Having good employees will mean costumers are wanting to return.

Stakeholder #2 Management

Management is a big part as if they do not run the campany very well the store will not make any profit and not able to keep the store open.

Stakeholder #3 Customers

Customers are the second biggest stake holder in any business as without costumers no produces will sell and you will not make any money within your company.

Stakeholder #4 community

The community is one of the least important stake holder but still important to a company it effects how the customers and employees look in the store.

Internal & External Influences on Costcos’ Business

Internal Influences

Internal Influence 1: employees

Big part as they are the face of the store pretty much as it comes to customers. If they are bad the customers will not want to return and Costco will loss more profit from that customer

Internal Influence 2:lower prices

Costco make customers to pay for a membership to shop in their stores. Becauseh they pay for a membership Costco is able to sell products for the same price as they buy it. Which is good competition for Woolworths and

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