Relationship Between River Island And Oxfam

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To summarise, I think that both of the businesses are successful in their purposes within the organisation. They're expanding their business oversea making it well known internationally. Also by making people aware of the services they offer whilst marketing a range of people. In addition, both of the businesses aims to provide service to people but in totally different ways. River Island is a profitable organisation selling their products to people to increase their shares; and to design stylish clothes to allure people to buy their products. Whereas, Oxfam is a charity - a non profitable organisation that are there to stand by people who are powerless around the world and are homeless. They offer guidance and service to the people who …show more content…

The reasons for this are because River Island relies on their suppliers to furnish them with the products that they need to sell to their potential customers. The products have been manufactured throughout the world. Their supply chain is very important to them because they want to build a strong and ethically responsible relationship with them as they are the key to River Islands continued success in the future, as well as previously for their current accomplishments. An internal stakeholder that I feel contributes to River Island reasonably well is the employees who work in the occupation. They also aim to make River Island successful, they do this by going to work on their shifts and doing their roles they have to do in order to keep the business successful and draw customers in. Which results to the business' success as sales are increasing and dividends given to the staff also raises. Likewise, the more people who wear their products the more chances there are to attract their potential customers to buy their products. Another external stakeholder in the business is the customers because they play a large part towards the business' success. Customers purchase the products from River Island, if they had no customers, then the business would fail. That's why River Island has to work unbelievably hard to satisfy their customers. River Island's other important stakeholder is their competitors. This is because there are other similar retail businesses that have the same target market, so sometimes businesses can feel threatened due to the competition being high. On the other hand having competition can help the business improve on their weaknesses and focus more on there aims and adjectives, by trying to be strategic in with things like visual merchandising, offers, or their

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