Ritz Carlton Business Analysis

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Specify organisational standards of customer service So the customer segment of the Ritz-Carlton is a wealthy clientele who has very high expectations since they use to get upscale products because they are ready to pay more to have more. Therefore, the differentiation of the Ritz-Carlton is made on an efficient and effective customer service. As we know the needs are general but the wants are specific, so the companies have to make the difference so as to become the customer’s wants. For example, customers will need to book an hotel room but some customers will want to book an Ritz-Carlton hotel room. So the Ritz-Carlton is really known for their customer service. This excellent service allows them to provide satisfaction to their exigent customers, that is why in order to keep the service consistency they create their own customer standards, …show more content…

Obtain internal and external stakeholders’ commitment to the strategy and its implications Stakeholders are people who are invested in a company (time, money, employees). Internal stakeholders are directly connected to the company, like employees, owners and investors (Boundless, 2015). Employees: who have to be totally implicate in the company’s strategy, in the Ritz-Carlton this employee’s commitment start before to be selected for a job, the managers are looking for individuals with customer service talent and not skills. Since they are in contact with the guests, they are the image of the company, it highlight the importance of hiring a good team which will be in accordance with the company’s standards. Their goals are to make the budget objectives and to keep their post. Owners: who have to be able to provide the resources to set up the strategy, they are on the back office but are important decision-makers. They are involved in optimising the company’s profit. Investors: they provide money to help the company to get enough resources to set up the strategy. They are involved to maximise their

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