Explain What Steps To Follow If You Are Involved In A Crash Essay

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There are a few steps needed to follow if you are involved in a crash. The first step is to stop immediately. The reason for stopping is because you can have severe consequences if you leave the scene of a crash that you or your vehicle is involved in. You can go to jail for up to a year and pay a fine of up to $2,500 or even both of them. This should be a reason why you should stay at the scene of a crash. The second step when you are involved in a crash is, render aid. Render aid is to find someone who has first aid experience to help until the ambulance arrives if there are injured people on the scene. You are required to help those that are injured if they can be helped. You are responsible to get them medical help if they request or try…show more content…
The fourth step you are told to follow if involved in a crash is to contact the police. If your crash results in any injury, death, or at least a total damage of $1,500 you must notify the police or a highway patrol as soon as possible. This rule applies to any crash whether or not there is another vehicle involved. The last step or rule requested to follow if you are in a crash is to exchange your information. There is some of your information you are told not to give for many reasons. A big reason not to is you could give out too much information and something could get hacked into or stolen from you. If you give the officer on the scene your information, you are not allowed to give it to the other person involved in the crash. The information you are told to give is, your name and address, your vehicle registration number, and your insurance information including an agent or provider’s name and their phone number. If the driver of the vehicle is not with their vehicle you are supposed to leave a note with this information on the vehicle. You aren’t being asked to do much if you are involved in an

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