Explain Why We Should Encourage Children To Identify Their Own Emotions

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We all have emotions but children are not born knowing what their feelings are or how to cope with them. We will be able to respond to child 's emotions in a positive way, set boundaries, deal with problem behaviour constructively, and bring up a healthy emotional environment. This will help us to deal with a range of issues, for examples: biting, tantrums, sharing, crying and screaming... We should help children learn to identify their own emotions and leading to better relationships, achievement and essential life skills. Children are growing at the speed in their life, at age about 8-10 are social and emotional development. During this period, children have a growing sense of independence, and with it, a growing confidence to solve problems and take risks. At this stage, children will show their many …show more content…

characteristics, for example, play together in group settings and group games; talking with peers; develop friendships; enjoy group activities and games; will work hard to develop a skill; can express emotions and anger or frustration; can change emotion quickly; develop their own point view… We should encourage children to take part in these activities and suggestions which can help children at this stage in their social and emotional development: join school and community groups; discuss any concerns about friends and their behaviour; help them to set their own achievable goals, which will help them independently in completing tasks and schoolwork; talk with child about respecting others and helping others; praise child for good behaviour and think about

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