Factors Affecting Animal Feeding

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AASIGNMENT TITLE: FACTORS AFFECTING THE VALUE OF FEED SUBMITTED TO: DR.M.HAMAD NADEEM TAHIR SUBMITTED BY: ASIFA NOREEN 2011-AG-3613 PBG- 7th SEMESTER COURSE TITLE: BREEDING FOR FORAGE AND FODDER CROPS COURSE NO: PBG-407 AN INTRODUCTION TO ANIMAL FEED: Animal feed may be defined as, “Any component of diet that perform some useful function”. Some feed stuff are source of one nutrient and some are of more than one nutrient. In animal feed our basic concern is the feedstuff because it is raw material used to feed the animal that is necessary for their production. A large variety of animal feed is used to feed the animal over the world. More than 2000 different types of products are used for animal feeding over the worldwide. The desirability of feedstuff is dependent upon various factors, cost is important, generally for animal feeding we use the feedstuff that is not edible for humans or that is produced in excess of human needs in region or country where that is found in abundance while in part it may be deficient. Now we are feeding animal with edible food grains. Feed value is also affected by other factors like acceptability by animals, a class of animal species use particular feed nutritional content and handling and milling properties. Classification of feed stuff:  Roughages: (pasture, range plants, soilage, cannery and food crop residues, dry forage)  Hay:

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