Factors Of Migration

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When one is concerned about managing unwanted migration, the motivations of such patterns should always be considered. Countless research on illegal immigration agree that people migrate illegally due to economic, social, environmental or political factors. At the end of the day, most of these people are seeking refuge or a better way of living. What motivates them and what encourages more illegal migration is determined by various factors including, but not limited to, their background and needs (micro, meso) and the potential opportunities from the country they migrate to (macro). This is similar to how Hagen-Zanker’s (2008) working paper on why people emigrate focused on the different factors of migration, highlighting factors from a micro,…show more content…
Widren and Martin’s (2002) paper focused on how developed countries can use economic instruments to manage migration from developing countries. Their abstract indicated the three themes of their paper, which entailed the framework that the “distinction between economic and non-economic” migrant motivations is often “blurred”; that the key method in reducing migration begins in the emigration countries and that trade and economic integration between the immigration and emigration country would accelerate economic and job growth between the two (with trading goods being a substitute for migration motivated economically); and that “[a]id, intervention, and remittances can help reduce unwanted migration”, but may not lead to migrants staying in their country of origin. They also stated that there was a difference between managing migration from a country with free trade versus a country without free trade, posing that in a closed economy, “economic differences can narrow as wages fall in the immigration country”, which they said was a recipe for “anti-immigrant backlash”, and in an open economy, “economic differences can narrow” as wages increase at a faster rate in the emigration country. They add to the common thinking in migration literature that there were ‘pushes’ and ‘pulls’ that motivated…show more content…
When formulating a policy to combat illegal immigration, much research should be sought out to understand the possible features of that particular situation. As stated earlier, many countries face problems with illegal immigration, and they all include a plethora of issues to take note of before creating an effective strategy. There’s no one-size fits all strategy as a whole, but in understanding the motivation behind the main source of illegal immigrants, the emigrating country can produce a suitable policy to assist in their objectives. Overall, the question ‘why do people stop emigrating’ may prove to be multifaceted, however, it is worth acknowledging when creating a policy in the hopes to decrease unwanted migration

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