Fahrenheit 451 Book Report

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Montag burns books. He does that in a city in America. People like him do not put out the fire, they make fire. They watch television a lot and they drive so so fast. One day Guy Montag run across with a young girl. Her name is Clarisse. She suddenly find out that her life is full of emptiness. The following days, unfortunately bad things happen to Guy Montag. His wife make herself die by eating a lot of pills which helps sleeping. After that an old women die. She burns with the books that she has. Then, the young girl has a car crash and she die because of that fast car. After these cases, Guy is seeming like he doesn't like his life much.

When Guy can't make his work, the chief of the firemen come to his house. He tells to Guy that all …show more content…

But his wife refuses. Guy notice that he saw an old teacher. His name was Faber. Guy asks help from that old teacher. The old teacher says that Guy needs some free time to finish the books. Fortunately the old teacher accepts to read the books with Guy. The teacher will print the books and Guy will put the books into the houses of the firemen. The teacher gives Guy the green bullet so that he can hear what is happening around Guy. And if he wants he can talk to Guy but while he is talking nobody can hear him …show more content…

Even some helicopters are trying to find him. The teacher says that he is going to an old printer who Faber thinks that help them. Montag has some money with him and he gives some to the teacher so that he can remove the his smell from Guy's house. After that Guy put on some of the clothes that Faber has and he head for the river. Everybody is watching the news about him but some how he succeeds to escape. He is dragged along the river into the country. Then he follows the old roads. He stop following when he find some smart people. The man called Granger says him

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