Fahrenheit 451 Conformity Essay

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Going through life having a group of people or an idea of something that makes you feel apart of society is imperative. Treading through your eternity feeling alienated and lonely may cause deep distress and depression but by having a guild of people or a concept of something that make you feel conform can change a person’s view on life. In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury the theme of conformity is very well developed through many instances. With the book being based about the believers and the non believers, these two groups don’t mix well but do share the same idea of conformity within their internal guilds. To showcase these groups main beliefs Bradbury uses symbols to not only pageant their ideas but to also give insight into the …show more content…

These “TVs” are showcased in the book as almost their main source of happiness. Being the one thing that these people consider family, it gives them a feeling that though there are other people in the world to interact with, these parlor walls are the one thing that will never let them down. As stated in the book “‘Will you turn that off’ he asked. ‘That’s my family.’”(Bradbury 73). Here we can see that Mildred, Montag’s wife, is having a conversation with Montag. The parlor walls seem to be getting in the way so Montag asks if she will turn them off. In our society a civilized person would turn off the walls and carry on with the conversation but not in Montag’s society. As the walls make Mildred feel like she is apart of something, she abruptly says that the walls are her family while right in front of her husband. The idea of the walls being Mildred’s family is not abnormal, infact almost everybody in Montag’s society that believes that the wall are more of family then your own flesh and blood. Though this concept may be hard to comprehend, it shows how these simple objects can turn into almost god-like figures that makes them feel apart of something. These parlor walls help symbolize conformity and how it works within Montag’s society but this is only the case for the

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