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2.5 Fairs and Festivals Fairs and celebrations are as old as humanity. They give file to social, social and household life of the individuals. Numerous among them are taking into account legends, divinities, and persons accepted to have some otherworldly power for the stipend of wishes and averting inconveniences and curing afflictions. Some of them check the seasons which flag to man the time for work and the time for play and unwinding, the beginning of the agrarian cycle with sowing in spring, and its perfection with the gathering of the brilliant grain. Celebrations of socio-religious nature give an air of commitment and delight. The fairs and celebrations pulling in huge get-togethers are exploited, by government, social and religious associations and business firms for exposure. Fairs and celebrations are an integral part of rustic Punjabi way of life. From the old times Punjabis are partial to fairs. These have turn into the wellspring of their gatherings and articulation of emotions. In Punjab the religious and social fairs go next to each other. These…show more content…
Gilli Danda is an amateur sport, popular among rural youth in the Punjab. It is a game played by boys individually and in a team depending upon the availability of players. It can be played in a variety of ways depending on the rule made at the beginning of game. In this game, a thick stick, almost three feet long and a small piece of wood which has sharp edges is needed, and a small piece of wood called gully which is hit with the stick (Danda) and the opposition has to out the player by catching the flying wood when it is hit by player. The basic sequence of the game is as follows: 1. A small circle of four feet diameter is drawn. In the center a small oblong shaped hole is dug which should be smaller than the gilli. 2. Two teams are formed. One bat and the other fields. 3. Fielders stand in a position from where they can catch the

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