Personal Narrative: How Baseball Changed My Life

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With the herbaceous smell of freshly cut grass and the salty taste of sunflower seeds, a baseball field strikes me as a place where I feel perfectly content. The wonderful home of the sport I have loved as long as I can remember brings a sense of calmness. Baseball fields remind me of great memories, give me a strong sense of confidence, and cause me to strive for a greater future. Baseball has given me a wide range of outstanding memories. The day I was first asked to play travel baseball changed who I am as a person. While playing for a fall league team, a coach from a travel team took notice in me, and he asked me to join his team. Little did I know, my acceptance of the offer shaped who I am now by giving me all kinds of character traits such as teamwork and responsibility. Another memorable event was my first home run. I remember that day as if it were yesterday, and my first home run will always be one of my happiest memories. When I spend time at …show more content…

Baseball gives me confidence and reminds me of where some of my talents lie. Baseball has always been a talent I can fall back on when I begin to feel bad about myself. Though baseball can not always solve my problems, hitting in a batting cage or playing catch with a teammate is nearly a surefire way to get me into a more positive state of mind. At the beginning of fall, I made a profile on a baseball recruiting website that is used by a majority of college programs, and every now and then I will receive a notice that college coaches are looking at my profile and are potentially trying to recruit me to play baseball at their school. For me, college baseball is a huge goal, and finding that I may get that opportunity causes me to further believe in myself. Though maybe not directly associated with a baseball field, when I am at a field I am reminded of the stress relief and learning of future opportunities, and I receive a confidence

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