Family Eulogy Speech

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Hello .... Now I will introduce my family one by one for you. I live in Sokaraja with my father not living with us. My mother and father divorced when I was three years old and he has new family now. My family members amounted to 5 people who consisted of my father,mother,and two brothers. I don’t have sister I just have brothers. My mother and father divorced when I was three years old .well, now I started to introduce my family members. I will tell you about daily activity my family to you all…..! My father his name is Rudi Jati Waluyo. Now my father is fifty five years old. My father has black eyes,haired bald,mustache and he is also tall body. My father is a farmer. He works in the field. He grows many kinds of vegetables such as chili,rice,and corn. He needs a hoe, a sickle,and a pest sprayer to do his job. My father goes to the field every week. He starts working at eight o’clock every week in the morning. A farmer’s job is not easy and my father is a good farmer.. My mother her name is SUKARTI. She was born on 14 april 1960. Now my mother is fifty five years old. My mother has black curly hair and she is fat body. She is pretty woman. My mother is a trader and house wife. She likes cook some food. My mom, Sukarti is one and only great mother. She starts working at nine o’clock every week in the morning after she cooking and clearing house. She’s also my best friend. I really love my mother. I have older brother him name is JATI INDRA PURNAMA. he is tall
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