Family Theory: Salvador Minuchin Center Of Family

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There are 3 main points to be addressed; Mrs. Jones loses of independence and inability to take care of herself, her daughter Susie increases of responsibilities and reversal role where she will be now taking care of her mom, and the change to the family structure and dynamic where the rest of the family will need to adjust to their new roles and functions within the unit. This example demonstrate how, as cited by Edelman (2014), “change in one part or member of the family results in changes in the family as a whole” (p.152).
The family structural theory assists the nurse to evaluate the present and current situation of the family. As cited by Grand Canyon University (2011), “Salvador Minuchin designed family structural theory through his work with families in crisis”. According the Minuchin Center of Family (2012), “the family's structure consists of recurrent patterns of interaction that …show more content…

Contrary to the structural theory that evaluates the present family’s situation, the development theory assists to anticipate events or patterns within the family evolution. The nurse can use this theory to analyze the family’s progression and growth through each life cycle (Edelman, 2014). As cited by Grand Canyon University (2011), “Adaptation and new responsibilities come with each developmental stage and the tasks associated with it”. In this case, the family falls under stage 4 (family with children in school age) and also stage 8 (family with older adults). According to Edelman (2014), “specific tasks arise as growth responsibilities during family development. Failure to accomplish a developmental task leads to negative consequences” (p.152). Therefore, the nurse should be able to help the family to overcome this transition, providing them with the necessary tools such as community resources information, social worker consult, family education, strategies to make decisions,

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