Family Violence In Australia Essay

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Australia is a diverse and multi-cultural country and Victorian Multicultural Commission (2011), states that Victoria has one of the fastest-growing diverse populations in Australia.
For what reason should there be more services as well as more emphasis on CALD individuals and groups? Bagshaw et al (2002), stated that mainstream family violence services are ill-equipped in regards to dealing with the complex needs of individuals and groups from CALD backgrounds who are marginalised in the community. InTouch (2010), stated that women from a CALD background who experience family violence are particularly vulnerable. InTouch (2010), further argues that experiencing family violence in itself is already a challenging and traumatising situation, but it can be can be accentuated by unfamiliarity with services, limited culturally appropriate services, and language difficulties p. 11). …show more content…

All individuals have unique needs, and individuals and groups from CALD backgrounds are not a homogenous group, and to categorise all women under the same umbrella ignores , backgrounds, class, educational levels, religious believes and diversity of experiences (Dimopoulos & Assafiri. 2004; & Bagshaw, 2002). Furthermore, the Royal Commission into Family Violence (2016), highlighted some specific forms of family violence experienced by women in some CALD communities, such as: female genital mutilation, forced marriage, and dowry-related violence. However, the Royal Commission into Family Violence (2016), mentioned that these forms of violence and abuse is not readily recognised as family violence in the Family Violence Protection Act

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