Fanaticism In The Sports Community

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Sport fanatics are a major percentage of the sports community alongside the small percentage of players. Fans have the ability to increase the magnitude of an atmosphere from a small win to a pivotal win for the season. Fans are extremely invested in the sport and to non-sports spectators it might seem ridiculous, but sport fans are invested because they are automatically integrated in a community. Fanaticism is “an expression of a fan’s sense of self” which is accurate because sports is self-identifying with an organization (Simmons, 2015). A fan is an active member of the community that entrenches themselves in a community and are part of surreal moments.
Sports fosters a great sense of community in any region because sports are a unifying factor. The community could extend from “players and fellow fans” to “regional pride, family relationships, color preferences, aesthetic tastes and even moral standards”(Simons). This unifying factor provides a culture and fan bases that allows for the fans to immerse themselves. The fans could be calm like Kawhi Leonard or as outgoing as Wayne Maybry’s Oakland alter ego, Violator, but either one does not take away that sport is way to “escape their normal daily life, as well as social inhibitions and express themselves freely by cheering for their team, as well as lash out at rivals” (Schaik). Sport provides outlets to express themselves and I have bought into the Process so I would sometimes …show more content…

Sports brings people together in these communities and provides benefits socially. Sports also bring shared experiences and wonder from watching the game. Finally sports is a collective body of experiences, community, benefits and wonderment allow fans to willingly attach themselves to an organization at the cost of their emotional, monetary, and time

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