Fear Of Crime Essay

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In 1990’s The study found that, even though crime rates fell over the period of the study (according to the FBI) people’s fears about crime fell and rose during that period, along with TV violence rates. Incidents of TV violence on broadcast television have increased since the late 1990s — as has the public’s fear of crime, the study said. The findings suggest that TV drama may “transport” viewers emotionally into the imagined world of TV shows in a way that creates fear of crime beyond the influence of the national violent crime rate or the reported perception of local crime (www.deadline.com/2016)
Dan Romer and director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, said “We now have stronger evidence that the fictional treatment of crime on …show more content…

Hartnagel and colleagues suggest that viewers’ level of fear and anxiety in the world may be heightened by the proportionally large instances of crime on television. In contrast, Taylor’s study of respondents in cities on the East and West Coasts identifies how instances of crime in the media influenced respondents estimates about the prevalence of crime in their neighborhood, but had no effect on their judgment of their personal vulnerability and susceptibility to crime (Berkowitz, 1984). (www.citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/2016)
Dr Amanda Ellison(2015)To stay healthy, the human brain needs to be kept active, and suspense-filled small screen thrillers provides a taxing mental workout
The best TV crime dramas build suspense over a number of episodes. They challenge viewers to pay attention to complicated stories, including red herrings, and to remember them from episode to episode.
In other words, they provide great stimulation for the brain, which in turn helps keep it healthy, as the human brain needs to be kept active. In fact, when you deprive it of stimulation it reacts very

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