Female Stereotypes In 'Boys And Girls'

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Women is not different in the modern life. In the story “Boy and Girls” by Alice Munro and the Info-text “We haven’t come that far after all” (WHCTFAA) by Diane Framcis, both two texts talk about the gender stereotypes. In the story “Boys and Girls”, the narrator want to get the right and change the female stereotypes. In the info-text “WHCTFAA”, the writer illustrates that how women want to turn the female stereotypes in society. Both two texts show the writer against the traditional female stereotype, however the narrator in story think that she does not changed it, while the info-text express that it is changed but little. Both two texts show how the writer to against the traditional female stereotype. The narrator in “Boys and Girls” try to violate the traditional female stereotype. In the story that” My mother come to stay with us … girls don’t slam door like that, girl keeps their knees together when she sat down… I continue to slam the doors and sit as awkwardly as possible.” The narrator uses her action to against the traditional female stereotype. The word “continue” shows the narrator’s …show more content…

In the story “Boys and Girls”, the narrator discuss that she does not changed any traditional stereotype. It is clear to see when the salesman say that “Could have fooled me, I thought it was only a girl.” The narrator uses the word “fooled” and “only” show that people still has bias on female, she does not resist the female stereotype successful. Meanwhile, the info-text express that then women changed the traditional stereotype a lot, In the text that “women have been liberated, foe the first time in history, but it has only allowed u to scratch and claw our way to the middle.” The writer uses an example to show that women already changed little but still far away. Thurs, the changed on the stereotype is really hard although it is changed a

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