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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Fiberglass pipe is made from glass fiber reinforcement embedded in, or surrounded by cured thermosetting resin. It can also be composed of thixotropic agent, pigments or dyes, granular or platelet fillers. Proper selection of composition of these ingredients can yield a product with wide range of properties and characteristics. The terms GRP (Glass Reinforced plastic) and FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) are used to describe a wide range of composite materials. GRP specifically refers to composites using fibreglass as the reinforcement and various resins as the matrix.
Establishing the time dependent pressure performance of the material can determine the design of GRP pressure pipes. GRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) pipes are subjected to varying levels of internal pressure and time to failure. This data is then deduced to a rating point from which pipe design can be established. Both reinforced thermosetting resin pipe (RTRP) and Reinforced polymer mortar pipe (RPMP) are fiber glass pipe.
Fiber glass pipe grades are mainly classified according to the type of resin employed such as epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester pipes. The manufacturing process for fiberglass pipe include filament winding and centrifugal casting.
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Failure up to 10,000 hours with an acceptable spread across time span is needed for evaluation. The results obtained are evaluated using a log-log line projected on to obtain the 50 year value. Over the years a remarkable amount of test results based on the ASTM test method have been collected. Over 600 data-points are recently analysed, with times-to-failure ranging from a few hours up to 28 years. Analysis of the data demonstrates an interesting bilinear behaviour, rather than the straight line regression predicted by the shorter and smaller database. The results suggests that the standardized method is indeed

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