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The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring in Residential Homes Your electrical wiring is an important aspect of your home. And it goes without saying that having a reliable electrical wiring system that lights up and powers up your home safely should be one of your top priorities. When it comes to the materials that are used for wiring, available are plenty of options, including aluminum, copper, silver and more, with each material having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Over the past few decades, aluminum has been a popular choice for Calgary homeowners due to its relatively affordable cost but not anymore. After a couple of decades of use by homeowners and Calgary electricians, inherent weaknesses were discovered in the material, which …show more content…

This vibration is more extreme in aluminum than it is in other wiring materials, and, overtime, this can cause connections to loosen. We all know the dangers of having loose electrical connections. 4. Corrosion Another real danger of having aluminum wiring is the fact that the metal will easily corrode when it comes into contact with charged copper. Given that copper is the most common wiring used in residential construction nowadays, your aluminum wiring is also likely to feature some copper at certain points, which will likely react negatively with the rest of the electrical system. A corroded electrical wiring system posses a major risk to your family and property. 5. The Insurance Question Aluminum wiring and home insurance do not mix. Insurance companies naturally want to avert the high risk that is associated with aluminum wired homes. If your house has aluminum wiring that does not conform to the proper specifications laid out by the law, you may have a hard time finding a company that is willing to provide you with coverage. And if you are lucky to find one, the policy will likely not cover the costs of damages including fire to your home. And if it does, you might not like the

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