Final Argumentative Essay: Is Space Exploration Worth It?

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Final Argumentative Essay:
Is Space Exploration Worth It?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like in space? The beautiful stars we see from a distance, now up close and vivid, being able to look back down and see the planet we call home, below your feet. We can talk about it all we want, but it means so little if we don’t go, so why wouldn’t we be doing everything we can to go to space? It’s not just the scenery that makes space so amazing, it’s the endless exploration possibilities.
We have done so many things for our home planet, solved so many issues, been through so many wars. We as humans make our world suffer from things like global warming. We should give the world a break, and start exploring space. If we don’t explore space, we as …show more content…

In the Argumentative writing Leaving Main Street, the author states that, “At the cost of 6-tenths of a percent of the federal budget, it’s well worth the price.” “Leaving Main Street”,(120). If you really think about it, 6-tenths of one percent of the government's budget is really not a lot. The Government's budget is 6.27 trillion dollars, and we only spend 32.33 billion dollars on space. I know that it sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, it’s really not (compared to our overall budget). The author that wrote the argumentative text, Leaving Main Street, stated that, “The cost of exploration is vastly outweighed by the idea of extending humankind’s sphere of influence to outer space.” (120) The author is saying that the expense is well worth it, so that we can expand our knowledge about space. The author Mary Roach, stated in her argumentative text Packing for Mars, “It might not be that hard to raise the funds. If the nations involved were to approach their respective entertainment conglomerates, an impressive hunk of funding could be raised.” Mary Roach is stating that getting the funds for a manned mission to mars won’t be too difficult. That if every nation would come to agree, then we would have a lot of money to spend on a manned mission to mars. Overall, we still have a lot of money left over for funding space exploration, so it’s not a big problem to fund …show more content…

In the text “Leaving Main Street” the author suggests that “Humans explore space because it’s in our genes.”(121) The author believes we are drawn to exploring space, and we shouldn’t suppress our feelings to do so. The author again states another valid point by saying, “If we stop exploring space, soon society will have forgotten what it’s like to be human.” (121) This claim also stands beside our feelings to explore. If we don’t make an effort to go to space and find out more about the unknown, then we will soon become inhuman in our nature. Thus, we have to explore, because it is only natural to be curious about the

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