Persuasive Essay On Colonizing Mars

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Colonizing Mars
Mars is often voted by people as being the most likely place for humans to colonize after we are done with Earth. This is often said because of Mars’s similar size to Earth and similar climate. However, Mars might not be the best place to go when we decide to make our first extra-terrestrial home. Whether you believe we should colonize another planet or not, evidence proves that moving to Venus is both logical and cost effective. There is much more promise in visiting Venus and much more we can learn.
Space travel is very expensive. If you take into consideration the food, water, fuel, breathable air and all the parts necessary for the trip, you come to realize that those numbers add up. NASA’s plan for Mars includes a four …show more content…

Mars’ distance from Earth ranges from 56 million to 401 million kilometers, whereas Venus is only 38-261 million kilometeres. According to, weightlessness can has serious consequences on the human body. That is why astronauts who would spend less time in space would be better off in the long run. Over extended periods of time, bones and muscle will weaken. While you are free from the influence of gravity, your blood is also free to spread evenly throughout your body. Astronauts who stay in space for about 2 or more weeks will experience swelling in the face, eyes and head, and may also develope cataracts. Those who would spend 6-8 months traveling to Mars would endure the worst of these symptoms. It also doesn’t help that the gravity on Mars is ⅓ that of Earth’s. The gravity on Venus is 9/10th that of Earth’s. This makes for a much more comfortable and livable environment.Those who choose to spend the rest of their lives on Mars will inevitably become disfigured and brittle. Conseption is also nearly impossible to do in such low gravity, so the new found era of Martian humans would probably only last a couple generations at

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