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Ombre Hair 4
# 58 Fire Ombre
This gorgeous and blazing color begins with a smoldering sable base which has been blended into a fiery ember orange. The edges have been dipped in rose gold which is also seen on a few babylights. This bright shoulder length hair looks lovely against her milky skin.
# 59 Rivers of Brown and Gold
Balayage has been used to perfectly shade this mix of soft browns and blondes. The hair shifts from a deep chocolate into a walnut brown before being topped with sections of golden beige. A few twists were created with a straight iron to give this bob style extra texture and appeal.
# 60 Golden Strawberry Swirl
A wonderfully layered and textured bob cut is the base for this unique ombre. The chocolate brown base smudges
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Fair amber babylights have been scattered along the ends of the hair which have been ironed into loose curls.
# 74 Sun Kissed Gold with Rosewood Base
In this multihued hued ombre we see a rainbow of browns flowing into a tangled pool of ringlets. The base is a deep rosewood color that has been smudged into copper and ginger browns. Balayage has been used to apply a few ash blond streaks along the edges.
# 75 Goth Feel Ombre with Plaits
This long mane has dyed an inky black up until the chin. From there it becomes a smooth smoky gray up to the tips. The hair is parted and set in two tight plaits that dangle past the shoulders. It’s a minimalist look ombre that is sexy and eye-catching.
There really is an ombre for everyone and there are so many good reasons to have one. Not only can you choose from an astounding array of natural and bright colors but an ombre can also help to make regrowth less obvious. Thin hair can be colored to add volume and any length of hair works for an ombre. Balayage will ensure the transition from one shade to the next is smooth and flawless. If you haven’t tried an ombre yet, now is the time to do

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