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1. In the first body paragraph, the sample paper uses a quote that relates back to the thesis and it allows for the formulation of a strong argument. Before giving the quote, the paper gives context to introduce the quote. After the quote, the paper restates it in from a point of view that expresses the paper’s central idea. Within the restatement, the paper does not just summarize what happened; however, it looks at specific sections of the quote and expands upon them to set up its analysis. For instance, the paper says that the boys pick Ralph as their leader because he has the conch; the quote does a great job of supporting this point because it does not bring up any other evidence showing the boys picked Ralph except that of the conch. After the restatement, the paper moves onto explication, which connects it back to the central idea on human nature being bad or good. Still, even in the explication part, the paper does not go away from the quote, all the points it makes has evidence that can be found from the quote. At the end of the paragraph, the paper ends in a great way, which gives the final punch showing the novel depicts human nature as evil.
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The paper does not contain many if at all no mistakes in grammar or organization. The paper follows a steady progression of ideas without throwing in anything that does not fit in or the evidence does not support. Furthermore, each sentence sets up the next sentence, and it does not make any redundant points; this makes the paper easy to follow and understand. Moreover, grammar wise the paper does an excellent job of using complex sentences constructions and a sophisticated vocabulary. The paper uses all the words selected from the book correctly and in an effective manner. The quality of writing is very clear and it is easy to decipher what the paper is saying; this strong grammar and organization adds a lot more strength to the argument the paper

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