Forrest Gump Movie Review

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The movie comedy-drama movie Forrest Gump was released in 1994. The director of the movie was Robert Zemeckis, and the screenwriter was Eric Roth. The music at the start of the movie is called "Feather Theme" and the person who composed the song is Alan Silvestri.

The main actors are Tom Hanks who played the main character Forrest Gump when he was grown up, and Michael Connor Humphreys who played young Forrest Gump. Robin Wright who played Forrest 's best friend Jenny, Sally Field who played Forrest 's mother, Miss Gump. Garry Sinise and Mykelti Williamson played Forrest 's friends form the military, Lieutenant Dan and Bubba.


The movie is about Forrest Gump from Alabama, USA, who is a man with a very low IQ, and he kind of sees the world from a child 's perspective. He is on his way to visit his friend Jenny that he hasn 't seen in years. While he is sits on a bench waiting for the bus, he start to tell the people that are sitting on the bench …show more content…

When there is a new time in the movie, there are played music that was popular in the year that the movie is in at that point. This is important to make the viewers understand witch time the movie is in all the time and they don 't have to wonder about that. There is also some special effects, for example when the bombs are dropped in Vietnam during Forrest 's time in the army. This makes the movie more exiting because the bombing makes the movie seem a lot more real. The ping pong ball was also a special effect witch made it look like Forrest was hitting a ball, because it would be very difficult to film if it was a real ball. The feather that you see in the beginning and the at the end of the movie is also a effect that makes the movie more interesting because everyone can have their own opinion about why it is there and what it means. Some say that it means that Forrest had to travel a long way to find peace in

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