Fort Point National Park Research Paper

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Visit Some Forts

Fort Point National Park - This historic park was a fortress for military forces defending the San Francisco Bay from enemies during from the Gold Rush Era through to World War II.
Fort Ross State Historic Park - This fort has been a settlement for Indians and Russians who migrated from Europe.

Some other forts worth mentioning are Battery Russell, Battery Townsley, Fort Cronkhite, and the Nike Missile Site Museum from the Cold War in the Marin Headlands.


Some of the popular fishing areas are Eel, Salinas, Santa Ana, Colorado, Mojave, San Joaquin, Sacramento River and the Pacific Ocean.

Some of the fishes caught in Cali are: Rock Cod, Ling Cod, Rockfish, Bonito, Bonefish Leopard Sharks, Great White Shark, Kelp (Calico) Bass, Striped …show more content…

Go inside a building or vehicle for protection if possible. Park behind large structures and get as low as possible.

Encountering The Bears Of California

What to do when encountering a bear:

Stay far away from the bear and respect its space by staying out of sight.

Don’t take selfies with the bear because this popular activity can turn deadly (Yes, this happens). Get far away from the bear as possible.

Store food properly while camping. Bears have an amazing sense of smell and will sniff out human food and will go to extremes to get it.

Use a bear whistle if available to scare them off.

Walk, and try not to run away from a bear because this might cause a chase. Act like another nonchalant animal in the forest who doesn’t care about the bear unless it chases you.

In some cases, stay your ground by raising hands to make yourself look bigger than what you really are. Make lots of noise to scare them away.

If a bear growl or initiates an attack:

Move out of its way and get far away.

Be aggressive and firm and let it know you’re ready for an attack.

Use bear spray or pepper spray.

If none of this work, grab your rifle and discharge it. Choose your life over death.

If attacked by a grizzly

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