Forum 11 Resilient Leadership Paper

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Forum 11 Johan Rivera Liberty University Introduction The main focus of chapter five, six, and seven of Resilient Leaders, is to understand what a leader needs to be prepare for a crisis. These chapters describe the role of a leader from the beginning, the middle, and the end of a crisis. This paper will discuss three concepts that include condition setting, helping others weather the storm, and rebuild the team. Condition Setting In any organization, unexpected crisis can occur; it is for this reasons that leader needs to be prepared before hand to minimize the impact of a crisis in the productivity of the organization. Condition setting is a tool that allows leaders to build a system that will educate employee, providing several options…show more content…
“Crisis situations are inherent in the activity of any modern organization; regardless its type - public, military or private - and they affect the efficiency of human resource or even organization 's excellence”( Mitut, 2011). Leaders should always be present and provide emotional, physical and mental support to those that seek to follow. “It’s not whether bad things happen that makes or breaks a commander. It’s what he does with the hand he’s dealt that really matters”(Dees, 2013, p. 190). It is essential for leaders to maintain a positive attitude while guiding follower through crisis. “In times of crisis it is essential for leaders to communicate with the organizations ' employees and stakeholders about the situation.”(Fragouli, Ibidapo, 2015). Also, a leader should understand when is the appropriate moment to get involved and when to let others be in charge. Robert Dees (2014) in the presentation “Leadership Before, During, and After Crisis” described that leaders sometimes are responsible for fomenting the crisis by trying to solve a situation that they might not have the proper knowledge about it. It’s essential for a leader to understand their role and be helpful by stepping on the side and allow professionals do their part. Mr. Dees (2014) establishes that leaders should take crisis as a learning experience and growth from it as “crisis defines the character of the leader”(Dees, 2013, p.…show more content…
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