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My internship placement is with the Department of Children and Families Services in the Foster care Program. It is located at 2150 Westbank Expressway in Harvey Louisiana on the 6th floor. The Department of Children and Families (DCFS) is comprised of several programs such as Child Support Enforcement, Child Welfare, Economic Stability, and Child Development and Early Learning. The program that I work for is referred to as the Child Welfare. Child welfare is comprised of the following subprograms: Child Protection Investigation, Foster Care, Adoption, and Home Development. The Department of Children and Family Services is also split by locations. This split is generally made according to parishes. However, some parishes are serviced by others …show more content…

Foster Care offers the following programs: case management, guidance to families for reunification, help to get services from the community, ensure kids get appropriate education, maintain healthcare of child, and report to court system the family’s progress. The agency does refer clients to other agencies to fulfill the needs of the …show more content…

The first major source for funding is the state of Louisiana. The second source of funding is the Title IV E grant which is Federal funding. This grant came about as a result of the Social Security Act as an amendment and implementation under the Code of Federal Regulations. Spending is reviewed by the Children’s Bureau. Medicaid is another major source of funding for medical needs. Parents with children in foster care are supposed to pay a monthly fee totaling $25 per child; however it is rare that a parent pays the fee. They are not penalized if they can’t afford to do

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