Fracking Contributes To Global Warming

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Global Warming is the most controversial issue that we face today, because throughout the years we have been releasing greenhouse gases that are harmful in the long run and will affect the future generations. The temperature throughout the twentieth century has been increasing steadily by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit a year. The cause of global warming is from the release of gases called GreenHouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane and several more. Factories ,cars, and other working companies release these gases while extracting fossil fuel from the earth 's crust. Alternatives sources of energy can be implemented because if we keep on using energy that releases these GHG then we might tear up the ozone layer. The Assembly Bill 32 (AB 32) and …show more content…

Fossil fuels are created by the decomposing of dead animals on the ground that over a period of 200 years are compressed and thus created fossil fuels. Fracking is used to extract oils or fossil fuels by drilling into the ground to retrieve these resources, and when fracking it was found that methane was released into the earth 's atmosphere. Methane and carbon are dangerous when released into the atmosphere because it can absorb much more heat and increase the temperature of the earth. In the article “Fracking Contributes to Global Warming” by Louis W. Allstad explains that “ Fracking requires fifty to one hundred times more fracking fluids, which produces more flowback than conventional wells, and the rock above the target zone tends to be less impervious, which can cause methane gas to creep up to the surface and into the atmosphere”. Fracking companies such as Mobil and other gas companies use drill into the earth to get fossil fuels. When these companies were asked if they would be able to reduce the …show more content…

Global warming has severe impact to the world, it melts the polar ice caps, raises the sea level. “ As global temperature rise by up to 9 degrees fahrenheit, this shelf could conceivably break apart, allowing enormous chunks of ice to flow into the ocean…. These chunks of ice could displace enough water to raise global sea levels by more than fifteen feet”(Bilger 61). Increasing the sea level by fifteen feet would cause the flooding of Boston, submerging Miami, and also Bangladesh will go under water. Melting polar ice caps will cause is the death of wildlife in the Antarctic, polar bears will not be able to survive on ice but instead will drown into ocean. The Arctic ocean stops salt water from going to marine life when the ocean freezes, since the ocean won’t be freezing the ocean won’t be able to bring nutrients to plankton, many types of animals will die from hunger. Global Warming not only brings geological disaster but it can also cause new viruses or sickness. In the book “ Open for Debate Global Warming” by Kathiann M. Kowalski explains that the increase of heat will cause animals who like the heat such as mosquitos to become more active. “ Warmer weather could increase the geological range for insects like mosquitos. Higher temperature might increase the insect 's’ metabolism too. That make them breed and bite more actively”(Kowalski 47). Diseases such as Malaria,gives fever that comes with sweat and chills, would increase the activity in mosquitoes. The

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