Frankenstein Monster Songs Analysis

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The novel, Frankenstein, has many issues shown about our society. Frankenstein created a monster that goes through many hardships because of its creator. Songs havehas been used to show the negatives of our society since a long time ago. Frankenstein and multiple songs relates to each other because they both tells the story, shows society judging a person’s look, and shows the monster’s want of revenge. A song that directly talks about the story of Frankenstein is the “Ballad of Frankenstein’s Monster” by 12 Step Rebels. It tells about the monster’s first thoughts, “Confused from the moment I took my first breath. Who was I? What was I? I did not know. Alone.” When he was first awoken, no one told him anything about the society because Frankenstein …show more content…

Frankenstein tried very hard to make the monster disappear from his life, but the monster tried his best to keep on appearing, “I'm six foot down in my grave so cold But I'm gonna scratch my way back out into your world.” Another line that tells the same thing is “You tried so hard boy to get rid of me But I'll be back and you gonna make my day. You are a liar, a dirty hack. You're time has come and there ain't no turning back.” The monster gave Frankenstein an offer to bring comfort to each other's lives, and Frankenstein promised to make another monster. Frankenstein broke the promised, which got the monster mad, so the monster wanted to torment Frankenstein till death. The monster wanted revenge for making his life horrible. The book, Frankenstein, has many songs that can relate to each other. The songs and the story talks about the monster that was created, society’s judgement, and the want of revenge. Many other songs can be found that perfectly matches the story of Frankenstein. Many issues are in the real society, not just

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