Frankenstein Who Was Responsible For Victor's Death

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n the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, many deaths occur, including William, Justine, Henry Clerval, Elizabeth, and Alphonse. Most of these people died at the hands of the Creature, with the exception of Justine, who was framed by the Being for murdering William, and Alphonse, who died of grief from so many of his loved ones being killed. Although it was the Creature who physically killed others, Victor was more responsible for the deaths of his loved ones. Victor was responsible for the deaths of his loved ones because he caused the Creature to be miserable, created the Creature with such horrible features that everybody was afraid of him, and when he had a chance to befriend the Creature, he refused, which resulted in the Creature becoming even more hostile.
Victor’s actions resulted in the Creature killing others because Victor made the Creature miserable. When Victor first created the Creature, he observed it with horror and disgust. When the Creature found out what Victor thought of him he stated “I am solitary and abhorred” (111). Finding out that even his creator hated him filled the Creature with agony and rage. These emotions that Victor brought upon the Creature compelled him to kill Victor’s loved ones. Also, by leaving the Creature on his own, he never learned social skills or how to act in front of other people. This resulted in the Creature breaking into an unsuspecting family’s home, and when he stepped inside the house, the Creature explained …show more content…

This relates to the argument that parents are responsible for their children’s actions. Parents are supposed to provide for their children and teach them how to act, and Victor failed in doing both of these requirements, which eventually resulted in everyone that he knew and loved having

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