Franklin Delano Roosevelt Research Paper

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Throughout the course of history, there have been countless political leaders who have achieved great things for their countries and lead them to great prosperity during hard times. George Washington leading his army to independence during the Revolutionary War, Abraham Lincoln pulling the United States out of a Civil War,which killed hundreds of thousands of people and eventually led to the abolishment of slavery. There have also been many foreign leaders who have done great things for their country including Simon Bolivar, who “ From the end of the wars of independence in 1824 until his death in 1830, Simon Bolívar served as president of Venezuela” (Simon Bolivar: The Liberator, Bolivar After the Wars for Independence) …show more content…

None of these men had the responsibility to lead their country through the biggest economic crash the country had ever seen. And none of these men certainly didn’t have to lead their country through a war that killed over fifty million people worldwide. Not to mention that he is the only United States president to serve almost double the allowed amount for United States President. This man is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Thirty-Second President of the United States (The 32nd US President - Franklin Roosevelt. Sheppard's Software,) and is recognized as one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. Being able to lead his nation out of such hard times and earn the respect of his people to be reelected for more than two terms is absolutely amazing. Proving how much the citizens United States not only loved him as a president, but needed him as a president. With all the support of his country, it shows that Franklin Roosevelt was indeed the only man who could’ve lead his country out of such problems and was …show more content…

This became relevant when he was elected as the democratic nominee for vice-president of the United States. Although he didn’t win and wasn’t officially the Vice President of the country, he was still optimistic about his future. Then, tragedy struck in his personal life. “FDR was diagnosed with infantile paralysis, better known as polio, in 1921, at the age of 39.”(Berish, Amy. "Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum) Things weren’t looking so great for Roosevelt at this point because now his ability to walk on his own was taken from him. However, even though he was now dealing with a serious medical condition which limited his ability to walk, he would not let it define him. “Roosevelt did not hide his diagnosis, forming a polio rehabilitation center Georgia before running for president.” ("Franklin Delano Roosevelt Probably Didn't Have Polio after All." Io9. Keith Veronese, n.d. Web. 08 Dec. 2014.) In a way, he became a stronger person because now he had to prove that if he could fight through a terrible disease, he could fight through anything. When the time came for him to become relevant again in the political world, he took his chance. “In 1928, when Al Smith won the Democratic nomination for president, he persuaded FDR to run for governor of New York. Although Smith lost, FDR won. FDR established himself as a progressive governor by bringing tax

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