Frederick Douglass Leadership Characteristics

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Leadership is known as the act of leading a group of people or an organization, but is that what leader ship really is… Leadership is more than that, and anyone can be a leader but with the right characteristics. Many of our country’s historic figures of the time period of slavery showed true leader ship. Fredrick Douglass was an astounding character of his time who made a very large impact. He was a writer, a speaker, an abolitionist, a congress men, and a supporter of the women’s rights movement. Though he achieved great things they weren’t just given to him he had to work to be the person that he became. Fredrick started out as a slave, his mistress taught him how to read and write until his master ceased the lessons, and he continued to learn to read …show more content…

He published his autobiography which helped the many people who read it realize that slaves were really people to and how wrong it was to treat them the way they did. He expressed his life story through his writing and shows the unfairness the way of the people. Douglass was a large impact who showed real and true meaning of being a leader. Another historical figure known as Harriett Tubman was a leader of her own she guided hundreds of enslaved characters to freedom, was a union spy during the civil war and was an abolitionist. She started out as a slave and escaped and once she became free she too thought that everyone should know what it is like to be truly free she lead many friends and families and those family’s friends to freedom. She once took a group of 11 enslaved people all the way up to Canada. She conducted these escapes with careful preparation and used the call of a whippoorwill to signal the occurrence of a runaway. She used the underground rail road to make these escapes she made many friends along her journey’s and on the underground railroad her friends offered her enslavers a place to eat and sleep on the trips and they used the code “a friend with

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