French And Indian War Dbq Analysis

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In 1756 the French and Indian War began. At this time European nations were exploring and taking over the new world. Spain controlled South America while Britain and France dominated North America. Britain and France were fighting over land and trade. Britain wanted to expand the colonies so the colonies would produce more raw materials and buy more finished goods from Britain. After the war Britain wanted to be more involved in the colonies. They felt more of a British presence was needed but the colonist thought the opposite. Colonist did not want British soldiers, tax collectors and law enforces controlling their towns, they did not want British laws telling them what to do. The French and Indian War changed the relations between Britain …show more content…

The British thought they were better, more educated and more proper than the colonists. In George Washington’s letter to Robert Orme he showed they were equal to the British.(Doc C) In this letter he wrote in a high class, well-educated, proper manner. The colonists always thought of themselves as equals to the British, even after the war they wanted and were proud to be British, but they did want to distance themselves from them. (Doc E) Even though they wanted to be British they did not want the British to have so much control over them. Colonial soldiers always knew they were below the British soldiers (Doc D). The feeling of superiority strained the colonies relationship with the British but helped the colonies unite. The colonies began to share ideas and interact with one another. After the war the British feeling towards the colonies strained their relationship. After the French and Indian war the relationship between the colonies and the British weakened. The British sudden interest in colonial politics and economy irritated the colonies. They had been on their own for so long they did not want someone else to take over. After the war British involvement in the colonies ruined their relationship with the colonies and it would never be

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