Freshman Career Goals

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Growing up with family and friends that had no access to mental health care, the solution to everything was to just “get over it.” Any sort of help was for “crazy peotple.” At the age of 13, my mental health spiraled out of control and I was recommended to go to therapy. I learned a lot about myself and used it to drive my future career goals. My purpose is to learn about why our communities are in the poor situation they are in and to strengthen the people into becoming more successful, to break the stereotypes about latinos that are constantly being said by ignorant people. I have grown up surrounded by people that cope with their problems by drinking or abusing substances and I have seen how detrimental it is to their lives. My family comes …show more content…

This university offers a school of social work and ties at 17th place with other colleges in the United States for this major (Freshman Class Profile). The acceptance rate is 66% and the average GPA of students is 3.21-3.71. In this particular school, one of the three of their main overarching goals is to “Foster professional development, socialization, and identification with social work through an approach that links reflective practice, self-awareness, and ethical decision making which promotes the importance of continuing education and life-long learning.” (BSW Student Handbook). This specific program goal stands out because it captures the essence of what studying social work will be like at UIUC and the sort of growth that will take place as students learn and foster their inner passion for social work. For financial assistance, there are no scholarships offered directly from the school of social work aside from outside possible scholarships that students have to apply for individually. Regular FAFSA applies for this university to receive any sort of financial help. In order to be admitted and receive a bachelor’s degree in this social work program, the minimum requirements to meet are: completion of 50 service hours prior to admittance, GPA of 2.5 or higher, communication skills, characteristics that suit this profession, and the application to the

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