Freshman Personal Statement

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I write this addendum in support of and in good faith of full disclosure. Although I have no record or documentation for the events described below, and university records are destroyed after a two year period, I determined that the situation met the disclosure requirements of the character question. From July, 2010 to September, 2011, I was enrolled as a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy. Freshmen students are highly regulated and restricted in their actions on and off campus. Upperclassman have a direct and influential affect on the lives of freshmen students. After returning from winter vacation, I began to consider leaving the Naval Academy. Although my record to date had shown academic and professional success, I was unhappy as a student in my …show more content…

I became a very pessimistic person, ignored my goals and separated myself from my fellow classmates. At the end of the first academic year, students partake in a series of summer trainings or "cruises" as part of their professional military development. For the majority of the month of June, I was scheduled to partake in a "yard patrol craft" cruise along the east coast. While on cruise and docked for a break, a group of students, including myself, two other freshmen, a junior and a senior, violated the shore leave rules. We entered an off-limits area of the base where decommissioned ships are docked for scrapping. The area was off-limits as it posed a danger and security risk. Base security was notified but declined to take any further action. Because of this infraction, I was removed, with the rest of the group, from the cruise and returned to the

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