Freshman Year Paranoia

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Freshman year, total paranoia, I had no idea what expect and thought everyone hated me. I set myself up for failure daily. Here I was, just some five foot eight kid with short hair and a stocky build, I wasn’t lean and muscular like most of my class or most of the people above me. I didn’t know where I belonged or where I really wanted to go with my high school career. My only friends were juniors, and they were really my brother’s friends. Kenny Jarnagain and Johnny Fletcher, I bonded with them tried to blend in with them and let them handle most stuff because I could have honestly cared less. I didn’t know what to act like to fit in or what to talk like, dress like or what grades to achieve so I suffered. Somewhere around the end of my Freshman year and beginning of Sophomore year I stopped caring. I started acting like I’d never fail. My grades rocketed up, I made my own group of friends and became myself. In September, I joined a volunteer fire department and then work and school became my priority. I didn’t care what my …show more content…

My family describes me as a self-sustaining adult. Mature enough to handle myself and my responsibilities but still childish when it counts. I risk my life almost daily for people I don’t know and when I was a freshman I just let things happen. I am a part of something bigger than myself and I love it. I wake up telling myself I’m going to win and I tell the chance of failure to get out of my way. I will admit, school isn’t my favorite because of the way society has changed, a lot of people are rude and think things should be given to them for free. Society is a give me what I want or watch me misbehave system now and I personally can’t stand it. That is why hanging out at the fire station is my favorite thing to do when if I were still in my freshman year I’d just sit at home. I get to be with like-minded people who are my best friends and do what I love while giving the

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