The Causes Of Peer Pressure In Human Nature

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One of the most interesting phenomena in human nature is peer pressure. It is responsible for more guilt and feelings of failure in young and old alike that we as Christians need to take a very close look at what causes it and how we can overcome it. Peer Pressure is when an individual feels compelled to behave in certain ways due to the implied or perceived will of a group of peers. This pressure to perform is most often seen in little ways in young people: making silly comments to parents in the presence of friends, making hurtful comments to others to get a laugh from those around us. Although these situations are usually thought to be attempts to gain attention to ourselves, it is the beginning of an individuals desire to please the group. If we are not interested in pleasing the group, there is no pressure to behave in any certain way. In these early situations, the group of peers is not trying to cause the person´s behavior, they just react to it by laughing or in some way acknowledging the act in such a way as to reinforce it. Hereʼs an example of this situation in action. A few years back, I had a student in my freshman health class. He was really shy and I had a hard time getting him to participate in class discussions. Being an intelligent and witty young man, he had lots to say about things, but he just couldnʼt bring himself to speak out. Finally one day, he mutters something that caused everyone to laugh and that was officially the end of his shyness. Over time,
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