College Admissions Essay: Homecoming Queen

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Growing up as a little girl, surrounded by Barbie Dolls, dresses, and piggy-tails, sparked my interest in becoming a princess. I grew up an only child, without any older sisters to teach me how to apply make-up correctly or braid my hair for me. I learned everything by myself, using the auspicious approach of trial and error. After entering middle school, I quickly realized my archetypical goal was not exactly realistic. Although dismayed, I was not discouraged, nor were my interests in cosmetics altered. I was always interested in the latest fashions, popularity, and social life. I begged my parents every year to take me to see my future high school’s homecoming football game. I wanted to see the beautiful girls dressed in alluring gowns and …show more content…

I wanted to be them. I loved hearing the crowd as they would lose their composure at the announcement of the Homecoming Queen. It invigorated my emotions, and filled my heart with confidence and acceptance. I was amazing.
Upon entering high school, I strived to make new friends and acquire everyone’s approval, even that of my teacher’s. Wanting my name to be known, I joined many clubs, and even ran for a position in our Student Government. When the nomination day finally came around, my nerves were torn to pieces as I waited on the afternoon announcement for those who made the Homecoming list. Our president began sputtering names that were not mine, and I immediately became discouraged. “How could I not be on the list? This is wrong!” The following year I did not even try to be on the homecoming list. My self-confidence was shot down. Everything seemed to be going wrong as I entered my sophomore year of high school. I was even in a P.E. class with the disabled students. I was partnered with a girl named Caroline, who, due to a severe case of autism, was wheelchair bound for the rest

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