Freshman Year Picture Analysis

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A picture that is very meaningful to me, is this picture of Bailey and I from our freshman year. Although it is not the best picture of us, I feel like it represents a lot from our journey of our freshman year. The picture was taken at our fall sports banquet for volleyball. We are standing side by side holding our letters. It seems like so long ago, yet it was only two years ago. I remember our last day of volleyball tryouts when we found out that we both made varsity; It was a day that i’ll always remember. Bailey went first and then I followed right after her. When it was my turn, the head volleyball coach told me I scored really well during our tryouts and that she wanted me to play on her varsity team along with Bailey. I was beyond excited and I remember all I wanted to do was get up and scream, but I played it cool and just went with a big smile. …show more content…

It marked the beginning of our freshman year together. Even though it feels like this picture was taken forever ago, it also feels like it was just yesterday. I never believed people when they said that high school flies by, until this year, my junior year. I was just beginning in this picture. I would have never guessed my life would be how it is now. In a year, I’ll be walking across a stage at my graduation. Where does time go? This picture resembles how close Bailey and I use to be. It was taken before boys were even apparent in our life, or before there was any tension with school or everything around us. Lastly, this picture represents how hard we worked to get where were. It was so accomplishing making varsity as a freshman. Our first day of practice was rough because all of the upperclassman on JV were pissed at us. One time during a water break, they basically told us just to quit because we weren’t going to get any playing time. They obviously didn’t know what they were talking about because we played every single

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