Frida And Diego Analysis

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were often compared to a dove and an elephant. Kahlo and Rivera did make a strange pairing simply looking at appearance. However, there was a unique connection between them that was indescribable. Frida and Diego had a strong love for each other, and this love is what inspired one another to become better artists and critical thinkers. Both are iconic figures and are recognized for their unique lives and artistic styles. In the film Frida (2002), the art of Frida and Diego is brought to life. The films displays the life of Frida and her relationship with Diego, but more than that it really gives the audience a better understanding of potentially understanding some of the artists’ inspirations. Frida illustrates how Kahlo and Rivera used their art as a tool to convey who they were as intellectuals and as human beings. Kahlo’s work resonates more intimacy and emotion, which were often influenced by events and misfortunes in her life. On the other hand, Diego used his art to display his political and personal opinions with the hopes of instigating some social progression, at an individual and collective level.
The first thing the audience is able to see and learn of Frida is she was an authentic and genuine painter. For example when Trotsky seeks refuge in Kahlo’s house, he admires her paintings and acknowledges
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There is one scene where Frida and Diego protested on the street. They held a banner that read “Muera el imperialismo” (Die imperialism), while chanting “El pueblo, unido, hamas sera vencido” (“A unified community, will never be defeated”). In addition, when Frida went to New York she really noticed the income inequality and grew frustrated that the issue was not being addressed. Frida’s experience in New York really inspired her to paint My Dress Hangs There (1933, reference image
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