Frida Confides To Diego Rivera Analysis

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The more serious problem than the pain was that Frida had to stay on the bed about nine months. She was unable to move except her two arms because her entire body was wounded by bandage. It was series of hours of boredom and pain, but she eventually not only became to be survive but also walk by herself out of wheelchair despite of the desperate diagnosis of the doctors. Other than her family’s love and support, one of the thing that mostly helped her to overcome the trauma and walk again is paintings. Her mother put a large mirror on the ceiling for her daughter who had to stay in the bed for a long time and soon after Frida started to paint herself in canvas to relieve the boredom and pain. Through the mirror, she looked at herself who was suffered from the pain and expressed it via painting. As the author mentioned, “Frida…show more content…
In the scene where they met at first, Diego looked he was not interested in Frida and her work, but soon later he started to like Frida’s daring personality and unique skill of expressing her heart through painting. As an artistic fellow, Frida spent time with him a lot by going party and being a model for his wall painting. The more time being together, their love became more deeper and they eventually married with the promise of fidelity. Diego was twenty-one years older than Frida and already divorced two times, but these were not the problem at all to Frida because she loved him. The author stated, “Frida altered her persona to please Diego, painting works influenced by indigenous Mexican art, dressing in the colorful, feminine costumes of the Tehuantepec peninsula, and arranging her long, black tresses in Indian-inspired styles” (Collins). Thus, there was no one for her but

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