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“With the exception of alphabets and number systems, the Net may well be the single most powerful mind-altering technology that has ever come into general use. At the very least, it’s the most powerful that has come along since the book.” From The Shallows : (Carr: 118). States that The internet is by far the best invention on all of human creation. The internet is a great source for multitasking, gain of knowledge, and saves a lot of time.
Nicholas Carr made quite a few of points in his book The Shallows. Car made a point in his book, the internet is making us more smarter. (Carr; 40) “ One click on a link led to a dozen or a hundred more” “ online articles are seen faster than print editions” “ Books are great, but the net is faster and won’t waste paper” Our IQ since the internet became the most used source, got higher. The internet has affected us as well. When we face a question that we have no clue about we don 't go to our …show more content…

“It can be concluded that, there are many great inventions, every one of them important for its time. The internet is the best invention, even with its flaws, is the most important invention of our modern time” As told by Italki The internet is the most important invention ever (contrasting ideas, linking expressions) There were other inventions that shaped our world today. But all those inventions were nothing compared to the internet. It provides many of the things that we need. It has a book, thesaurus, stores, social media, and food websites. It provides anything possible. The internet is improving and making human life easier. Also many people who are ill don 't seek help from the doctors they usually search their symptoms and treat themselves. If you 're in need for a recipe we go one the internet rather than looking through the cookbooks. When brides are looking for wedding dresses, they search the internet. This proves that the internet is helping and giving people more time for them to do other things that are more

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