Frozen Book And Movie Comparison Essay

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There are always two sides to a story. For example, Disney’s famous, award winning movie, Frozen. There similarities, differences, and plot twists between the Disney movie and actual story. The original version is called “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson. It was published on the early 1930’s. It took Disney 70 years to remake the story and switch all the horrible parts to make them happy for children. In the movie Frozen and the short story “The Snow Queen” the author effectively convinced the readers by comparing and contrasting the two to show their differences and similarities. In the original story, there is an evil mirror from the devil that destroyed people images of themselves. When the mirror shattered it effected a few people and turned their hearts ice cold. The original siblings are named Gerda and Kay and were described as non-biological brothers and sister that loved each other as if they actually were related. Gerda searches for Kay, who has gotten struck in the eye and heart by the evil mirror. When Kay is struck by the evil mirror, he forgets about his sister Gerda and…show more content…
As told in both, someone has a frozen heart and that person becomes all about themselves. It involves two people who truly care about each other as the younger one goes one the search for the eldest out of love. As the character is making their journey to find the other, someone is met and helps guide them to their destination. Both of the stories ends happily, the younger sibling finds the eldest and they live happily, ever after. In conclusion, the author has proven to the reader the differences and similarities between the Disney movie Frozen and the original story “The Snow Queen” by comparing and contrasting the two. Although it took Disney almost 70 years to reconstruct the story “The Snow Queen,” they kept a lot of similar character parts but rearranged it differently in the movie to make the children today enjoy
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