The Westing Game Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Is there ever a time that a movie is the same as the book? Well not in The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin which the GLMS sixth grade students read and watched. But in most movies based of of books a lot of key details are left out. The students tried to figure out who murdered Sam Westing. The Westing Game movie and novel contain many similarities and differences that are worth noting. The Westing Game is a story about a old man “dying” and creating a game for his heirs to play. The young girl , Turtle Wexler , was the only heir to figure out Westing’s fourth identity. When all the other heirs were left staring at the beginning red herring known as the Westing Game. He gathered them all up and divided them up into teams and gave them a set of clues to solve the puzzle which the answer was Berthe Erica Crow. Though there are many differences there are also many similarities. Between the book and movie there are many similarities. For example how Sam Westing still choses heirs to play his “Westing Game”. In the book and movie Turtle is still the one who wins the money of Sam Westing. Turtle is also the …show more content…

One huge difference in the setting, in the book the story takes place on the shore of lake Michigan in a brand new apartment building in a small town. On the other hand the movie takes place old, run down apartment in the middle of a huge city. Another example is the characters, in the book there are 16 heirs with eight pairs. In the movie there are 10 heirs and 5 pairs. Also the movie leaves out some huge characters like Theo Theodorakis, Flora Baumbach, and Madame Sun Lin Hoo(who was the thief) and all of them have to do with emotion. In the movie Otis Amber is the inventor but in the book it is Mr. Hoo. Otis is also the personal investigator but in the movie there is no personal investigator. Even though the plots are mostly the same it is interesting why so many details were left out of the

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