Functionalism And Conflict In Canada

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When is comes to both Functionalist and Conflicts I lean more towards the side of the Functionalist in all aspects of family, school and medical care. In our society we offer things like free education and medical care that every Canadian citizen has a right to, therefore the wealth of a person does not determine whether or not they receive this interest, everyone has a right to this.

When it comes to the institution of Family, I believe that this serves to all members of society. People are joined together based on common interests and love for one another, the wealths and status of a person should not determine whether or not they choose to love one another. Though, if wealth and status was the sole reason why a person why a person choose …show more content…

This act does not alter regarding whether a person is of dominant economic class or not, and is the same for everyone. Therefore I believe that this institution is solely operated to serve the interests of all members of society. This institution does not create any means of wealth, but takes millions away each year therefore the ongoing of this institution is only in operation to heap all members of society, especially the children. Even in the case of Universities and Colleges, I still believe this is in the sole interest of all members of society. Although, it is not free to receive this education, our funds come straight back to us. Universities are all non-profit organizations that only exists to provide educations for people who wish to do so. Even if a person does not have all of the funds to pay for post secondary education, they have different opportunities to pursue one because there care organizations that offer money for students that cannot afford it. An example of an organization that does this is, OSAP which stands for “Ontario Student Assistance Program” that offers loans, grants and other financial aids to help those who cannot afford post secondary education. Therefore I believe that the institution of education in Canada is only in operation to help all members of society, to create a more education nation and thus a higher, education

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