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Galileo’s life before fame from the telescope Galileo Galilei was born on February 15, 1564. He was born in Pisa, Italy and had two sisters and one brother. Galileo’s father was a music teacher and did not make much money. Just ten years after Galileo was born, his family moved to Camaldolese monastery and was educated by monks. Interestingly enough, Galileo did not only study astronomy but when he was only 17 years old, he started studying medicine. His medicinal studies started at the University of Pisa. At the time, he thought strongly about becoming a doctor. Galileo then observed that if an object swings, its traveling time back and forth are the same. He also overheard a geometry lesson at the University. These events sparked a new …show more content…

There he was a professor of mathematics and was allowed to speak out freely about his work. Galileo also earned more money in Padua. Sadly, Galileo’s father died in 1591 and took over the family finances. Galileo worked at Padua for eighteen years and taught geometry and astronomy. He never did marry but had two daughters and a son with Marina Gamba. While in Padua, Galileo also invented the proportional compass. The proportional compass was used to calculate the manners of sums such as square roots of numbers, the conversions of one type of money to another, finding volumes and densities of objects along with squaring a circle. To earn even more money, Galileo also sold these proportional compasses.Galileo’s study of heat’s effect on liquids led him to make a simple thermometer. This thermometer was called a thermoscope. It measured temperature and air …show more content…

Galileo’s most known for his telescope, which surprisingly wasn’t one of Galileo’s inventions but actually one of his improvements. Galileo invented his telescope just days after he had heard of the first telescope ever being made by Hans Lippershey. Lippershey was a Dutch lens-grinder who decided to take two lenses and place one lens on each end, when Lippershey looked through the tube he realized that the objects appeared only a few steps away but the image was upside down. Galileo knew very little about lenses, but he decided he would try and build a telescope of his own, so that’s what he did. First Galileo took an organ pipe and attached a concave lens to one side and a convex lens to the other side. Galileo soon tested his new device and found that it worked better and the image was not upside down like the earlier versions of the telescope. Galileo then took his new device to the senate and showed them what his telescope could do. Galileo took the senators up onto a bell tower, where he demonstrated to them what his device in action. He showed the senators towns miles and miles away and ships that still had another two hours before they would arrive at the docks. The senators really liked Galileo’s invention and actually doubled his pay at his job as well as making his job position

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